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Imagine living without your computer. It seems like an impossible task, since that’s how we communicate, shop, store data and play games. Just being without your computer or laptop for a day is a huge inconvenience. It brings productivity to a grinding halt. And getting immediate help is also trying because you’ll most likely be put on hold when calling a help line or be forced to lug your computer to a repair shop, only to have to wait a long time to get it back. You won’t experience this with Philz I.T. Consulting.  We know how important it is to get your system up and running quickly. That’s why we have the latest technology to fix any problem on a number of brands. Contact us today to learn more.

Don’t Replace your old Computer

Most people think they need to get a new computer just because they need new software. That couldn’t be further from the truth! You can get new software installed on your current machine, saving you a great deal of money. We specialize in reviving old computers to get them running at top speeds with the latest software. We don’t just add the software; we take the time to get to know your computer needs and suggest the best software for you.

We can also make sure your hardware is in top shape too. Sometimes upgrading hardware is all that is needed rather than replacing the whole computer. Maybe a refurbished computer is all that is needed.  They can be a perfect economical and reliable solution as a child’s first computer!

Your Personal I.T. Consultant

When you need a new computer or want to improve your network, come see us first. We’ll walk you through the latest equipment and options without the pressure from the big box stores. A computer is a personal item, much like your car. You want to be comfortable with it and be able to count on it. We offer a wide range of services to get you up and running from a simple repair to a complete new purchase. We’ll help protect your computer from viruses too. Whether for home or office, we have the services and equipment to meet any budget.


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